Imagine stepping into a time machine and landing smack dab in Denver’s first city block, Larimer Square. Here, Victorian buildings and gas lamps mingle with trendy boutiques and eateries. You’re free to roam and discover the square’s rich past and vibrant present.

Unearth unique finds in independently owned shops, savor the flavors of locally sourced cuisine, and soak in the energy of a thriving nightlife. It’s not just a historic landmark, it’s a living, breathing symbol of Denver’s freedom to evolve while honoring its roots.

At Larimer Square, you don’t just observe history, you’re part of it.

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Exploring Larimer Square’s History

Before you dive into the bustling scene of Larimer Square today, it’s crucial to appreciate its rich history, which has shaped Denver’s cultural and architectural landscape.

Established in the 1850s during the Gold Rush era, Larimer Square became Denver’s first city block. It was here that Denver’s first post office, bank, theater, and more were born, triggering a wave of growth and prosperity.

As you stroll through the Square, you’ll notice the preserved Victorian buildings, a testament to Denver’s commitment to honoring its past while embracing change. The preservation journey wasn’t always smooth sailing. In the 1960s, there were plans to raze these historic buildings, but a resistance movement, led by Dana Crawford, saved the Square. This was a landmark decision that pioneered the urban preservation movement in Denver.

Understanding this history, you can truly appreciate the grit and determination embodied in Larimer Square. It’s not just about the trendy shops, eateries, and lights that draw you in today; it’s about a city’s unyielding spirit of preservation and progress.

As a freedom seeker, you can’t ignore the symbolism that Larimer Square represents – a city’s fight for its identity, its history, and its future.

Food and Drink Highlights

Now that you’ve soaked up the rich history of Larimer Square, it’s time to indulge in its vibrant food and drink scene. As you journey through the square, you’ll discover a myriad of culinary options. Each restaurant and bar here is a testament to Denver’s diverse gastronomic culture.

Let’s start with ‘Rioja’, renowned for its Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The restaurant’s dedication to locally sourced ingredients ensures you’re tasting Colorado’s agricultural bounty with every bite. For a more exotic experience, ‘Bistro Vendome’ offers a slice of French cuisine right in the heart of Denver. From savory escargot to delicate crème brûlée, you’ll be transported to the streets of Paris in no time.

At ‘The Capital Grille’, it’s all about indulgence. Known for its succulent dry-aged steaks and extensive wine list, this establishment is a must-visit for any meat and wine connoisseur.

As for drinks, ‘Green Russell’ delivers. This speakeasy-style bar, tucked away beneath Larimer Square, offers a unique cocktail experience. Their mixologists create libations that are as visually stunning as they’re delicious.

Your taste buds are in for a treat at Larimer Square, where culinary innovation meets historic charm.

Shopping at Larimer Square

Often, you’ll find yourself captivated by the unique shopping opportunities that Larimer Square has to offer. This historic block in Denver, Colorado, not only serves as a cultural hub but also as a retail paradise for those who crave for a distinct shopping experience.

From local boutiques with exclusive collections to high-end stores offering designer brands, you’ll discover an eclectic mix of shopping options that break free from the monotony of conventional malls. You can find yourself immersed in carefully curated items reflecting Denver’s vibrant culture and history, a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its heritage.

Artisanal products, handmade jewels, and exquisite boutiques like ‘John Fluevog Shoes’ and ‘Eve’ are just a few examples of the treasures you’ll encounter. You’re also bound to stumble upon unique antiques and rare collectibles in shops like ‘The Market’. Don’t miss the chance to explore ‘Goorin Bros. Hat Shop’, an age-old hat shop reflecting Denver’s old-world charm.

Shopping at Larimer Square isn’t just about buying; it’s an experience that sets you free, allowing you to explore, discover, and connect with the city’s soul. It’s the perfect blend of past and present, waiting for you to discover.

Nightlife and Entertainment Options

After a day spent exploring the unique shops, you’ll find that Larimer Square truly comes alive at night, boasting a vibrant nightlife and entertainment scene that’s sure to captivate you. This historic district isn’t only a shopping paradise, but also a hub of entertainment and nightlife in Denver.

From the comedy shows at Comedy Works to the live music performances at various venues, there’s something for everyone. You’ll find that the options are diverse and cater to a range of tastes. If you’re a fan of comedy, you won’t want to miss the stand-up acts that frequently grace the stage of Comedy Works. Those with a penchant for jazz can head to Dazzle, a popular jazz club that features live performances from both local and international artists.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try out the unique cocktail bars. You’ll be impressed by the creative mixology at Green Russell, where each drink is a work of art. For wine lovers, Cru Wine Bar offers an extensive selection with expert advice to guide you.

In essence, Larimer Square gives you the freedom to choose your own adventure when the sun goes down.


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