You’re about to embark on a journey through time and art at Aurora Fox Arts Center. Located at 9900 E Colfax Ave, Aurora CO, it’s more than just a venue; it’s a symbol of creativity and freedom.

Here, you’ll uncover an enchanting history, marvel at architectural beauty, witness unforgettable performances, and gather priceless experiences.

So strap in; you’re in for an enlightening ride!

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Exploring the History of Aurora Fox Arts Center

You’ll be fascinated to learn about the rich history of Aurora Fox Arts Center, an establishment that’s been a cultural anchor in Aurora for decades. Born from the ashes of a devastating fire in 1945, it was rebuilt as a movie theater, only to close its doors in the ’80s. Yet, like the mythical phoenix, it rose again – this time as an arts center – and has been inspiring local communities ever since.

The transformation wasn’t accidental; it was fueled by a desire for cultural freedom and expression. You see, during its revival phase in the late ’80s, visionary leaders recognized an absence – a void of artistic representation within their city. They understood that art isn’t just entertainment; it’s vital to society – offering people not just escapism but intellectual stimulation too.

Today’s Aurora Fox stands testament to that vision. Its diverse range of theatre shows caters beautifully to Aurora’s eclectic tastes and demographic mix while serving as a beacon of artistic liberty. It’s more than just another venue; it’s an emblem of resilience—an enduring symbol that champions freedom through culture and arts.

Architectural Highlights of Aurora Fox Arts Center

In your exploration, you’ll appreciate the unique architectural elements of this iconic venue. The stunning brick facade and ornate interior detailing of the Aurora Fox Arts Center are a testament to the beauty of adaptive reuse. It was a former movie theater repurposed into an intimate performance space, all while retaining its historic charm.

As you step inside, you’re greeted by intricate murals that echo the building’s past. They’re not just decorations but visual narratives that invoke a sense of nostalgia. The grand proscenium arch frames the stage like an exquisite painting, nodding to traditional theatre design yet feeling surprisingly contemporary.

The auditorium itself is a marvel. It’s designed in ‘black box’ fashion, versatile enough for any theatrical staging. This flexibility isn’t merely practical; it also signifies freedom. It allows artists to create without constraints and audiences to experience art in diverse forms.

On your journey through this architectural gem, remember that every brick tells a story of resilience and transformation. From silver screen cinema to vibrant arts center, the Aurora Fox Arts Center showcases how architecture can be as captivating as any performance on stage.

Events and Performances at 9900 E Colfax Ave

There’s always something exciting happening at 9900. From theatrical performances to art exhibits and community events, this is where you feel the pulse of Aurora’s vibrant arts scene. It’s a place that echoes freedom and creativity.

You might find yourself swept up in an avant-garde play one evening, challenging your perceptions and pushing the boundaries of traditional theatre. The next day, you could be wandering through a contemporary art exhibit. Here, bold colors and provocative themes spark dialogue about society’s role in shaping artistic expression.

But it’s not just about passive consumption at 9900. The venue encourages active participation too. You’ve got opportunities to join workshops led by seasoned professionals who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences. Additionally, you can attend community events that foster inclusivity and promote cultural exchange.

Regardless of what draws you in, there’s a common thread running through every event at 9900: a commitment to freedom. Freedom of thought, expression, and culture. As such, each performance or exhibit becomes more than just entertainment – it’s an invitation for you to explore new perspectives while embracing your individuality within our shared cultural tapestry.

Visiting the Aurora Fox Arts Center: Practical Information

Before heading over to the venue, it’s essential to note some practical information for a seamless visit. The Aurora Fox Arts Center is conveniently located at 9900 E Colfax Ave, Aurora CO 80010, just a stone’s throw away from Denver’s city center. You’ll find ample parking spaces adjacent to the building – an invaluable asset in this bustling area.

Once inside, you’re greeted by an intimate and vibrant atmosphere that boasts of rich cultural heritage. With its seating capacity of approximately 245, you’ll never feel lost in crowd but rather ensconced within a passionate community of art lovers. It’s critical that you arrive early; doors open half an hour before each performance and latecomers may not be admitted until intermission.

Don’t forget to check their comprehensive website prior to your visit. It provides detailed information on current performances, ticket prices, and even suggestions on local dining establishments for that pre-show meal or post-show discussion.

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